Today, Onware officially releases Version 7. Onware version 7 is the most fundamental change in any version of Onware, ever.

It is built upon Microsoft .NET version 4 and features a completely re-written business layer, and a new user interface. There are additional speed enhancements and the application is now more standard-compliant.

Application security has been enhanced with the addition of new application-wide, feature-specific, and role-specific access settings.

The user interface includes a new look and feel, pop-out menus, and the elimination of pop-up windows. There is a new upload/download engine that can handler much larger files as well as a new PDF engine for generating of PDF files directly from Onware.

Workflow is now guided though the use of “Alerts” that are sent to users letting them know they have an action that must be completed. Alerts are sent out to users in a digest e-mail and are automatically cleared when the required action is completed.

“This version has been under development for almost eight months,” said Fraser Gallop, co-founder and Principal, “we are very excited to finally see it ready for our customers.”

Onware will be following up the initial version 7 release shortly with additional new features. Also in development is an application for the iPad.