Below are the details of issues addressed in the Onware 7.7.4 release

Supplemental Instructions

  • Creating a new Supplemental Instruction defaults to no “Document to Issue” type selected; therefore, unable to search and retrieve the Supplemental Instruction
  • Browse/Search screen: When [All] “Document to Issue” is selected, search results will return all “Document to Issue” types including those with blank “Document to issue”
  • Creating a new Supplemental Instruction from an RFI does not auto-generate the Supplemental Instruction number
  • Auto-number generated for new Supplemental Instruction does not differentiate between the “Document to Issue” types
  • Keyword and discipline filters
    NOTE: Some keyword searches no longer search when a wildcard is used.  Please refer to the text above keyword search to determine if wildcards are accepted.

Consultant Recommendations

  • Unable to “re-open for editing” a Closed Consultant Recommendation; generates an error
  • Unable to remove/delete attachments

Cross Project Reporting

  • Restored filtering projects by “type”

Request for Information

  • When an RFI is re-opened for editing, unable to add or remove existing attachments


  • Saving or issuing an Addendum adds one number to the Addendum number