Below are the details of the Onware 7.8 release


Shows thumbnails for uploaded attachments (size is standardized to 150 x 150 pixels)

  • NOTE: Thumbnails will not display in all areas of Onware; will be implemented in a phased approach
  • Thumbnail will display “preview not available” when it cannot provide a preview of the image

Proposed Change Notice

  • Email Subscription for Feature: PCN; Status: Approved has been added

Unsolicited Change Request


Site Visits

  • Images have been set to standard size (150 x 150 pixels)

Proposed Change Notice

  • Reported issue: PCN can be issued for Change Order without a contract selected
    • Fix: Must select a Contract when completing PCN before the “Issue for Change Order” or “Issue & Create Change Order” buttons will display
      • Ensures contract amounts calculations can be completed if/when PCN is used within the Change Order process
  • Approval breakdown
    • Reported issue: Removing an amount from an approval breakdown field and selecting “save” returned the amount into the field; the removal of the amount was reversed upon “save”
      • Fix: Removing an amount from an approval breakdown field will not be reversed when “save” is selected

Consultant Recommendation

  • Reported Issue: If Change Estimate setting is turned on, the Change Estimate were not mandatory fields and the CR could be issued without these fields completed
    • Fix: Change Estimate fields must be completed before the CR can be issued
  • Reported Issue: Receive error when attempting to delete Initiated CR
    • Fix: Error was due to the CR having an attachment, resolved so that when an Initiated CR is deleted, Onware first deletes the attachments before deleting the CR

Linked Documents

  • Updated error message to indicate a document must be selected before the “Attach” button can be selected

Cross Project reports

  • Reported issue: Filtering by type not working
    • Fix: Able to now filter by type
  • Reported Issue: Selecting “print” generates error
    • Fix: Can now generate a report by selecting “print”