Below are the details of the Onware 7.8.8 release

Changes to Existing Functionality

Change Order

  • Issue, Acknowledged & Signed is now the default calculation when summing the Previous Amount

Cross Project Report

  • Now found under Project Administration


Person-Project Activity

  • Reported issue: Received error when generating Person-Project Activity listing
    • Fix: Now able to generate Person-Project Activity without error

Embedded Attachments

  • Reported issue: When viewing a document from the Browse/Search page or as a link within another Onware document, selecting its uploaded attachments generates an error
    • Fix: Now able to select and open attachments without error

Creating a Project

  • Reported issue: Unable to add a Project Manager/General Contractor/Owner on new projects
    • Fix: Now able to type name and have Onware produce list of available entries