Below are the details of the Onware 7.8.9 release


Inactive Projects Report

  • Found under Project Administration > Projects
  • Displays a list of projects that have not had any RFI, Changes or Progress Claims issued in the last 6 months


E-mail Subscription PDF’s

  • Reported issue: When some E-mail Subscriptions were sent out, the Consultant Recommendation attached was titled “Prothos” and displayed an error
    • Fix: This was caused by a CR attached within a PCN through the “Browse” button.  E-mail Subscriptions should no longer contain a “Prothos” attachment with an error, but attach the Consultant Recommendation and title it correctly.

Project Summary

  • Reported issue: Clicking on a UCR link produced an error
    • Fix: Selecting a UCR link, within the Project Summary, should no longer produce an error

Project Set up

  • Reported issue: Contract Percentage Retained only allowed whole numbers (1, 2, 3, etc)
    • Fix: Updated the Contract Percentage Retained field to allow integer numbers (1.5, 2.333, etc)

Proposed Change Notice

  • Reported issue: When using the Consultant Recommendation “Browse” button, and searching for [All] statuses, the Consultant Recommendations returned in the search included Consultant Recommendations within other projects
    • Fix: Update the Consultant Recommendation search to include only those CR’s from that particular project