What IS the difference between a Distribution List, Email Subscription and Alerts?  What are they and what do they do?

Distribution Lists

Distribution list allows people, when a document is printed, to know whom this document should be distributed to.  When names are added to a project’s distribution list, the names will appear on the bottom of the specified document.

Primarily, distribution lists are determined on a per project basis and are created within the project Edit page and are configured using two parameters: Person and Feature/Document (e.g. Proposed Change Notice, Change Order).

E-mail Subscriptions

An E-mail Subscription is a way of notifying Onware users, via e-mail, that a document status has changed within Onware.  An e-mail, including PDF attachments of all corresponding documents[i], is automatically sent by Onware to those with an E-mail subscription.

E-mail Subscriptions are typically determined on a per project basis and are configured using three parameters:

  1. Person
  2. Feature/Document
    E.g. Proposed Change Notice, Change Order
  3. Status
    E.g. Issued, Approved

The above is an example of an E-mail Subscription configured for the user “Test Prime Consultant” to receive an email when a Change Order has been Issued on this project.  Once this E-mail Subscription has been added, each time a Change Order has been Issued, “Test Prime Consultant” will receive an e-mail (below) with PDF attachments for all documents that pertain to that Change Order.


Alerts are managed and configured automatically within Onware, and are dependent on the user’s Role(s) within Onware.  An Alert is generated for Onware users when their Role is required to perform an action on/with an item.

New Alerts awaiting execution are viewable from the Main Menu and/or the Alerts List screen and are determined by two factors:

  1. Onware users Role within Onware
  2. Projects the Onware user has been added to

When the action is completed, the Alert is automatically removed from the Main Menu and/or Alert List for everyone whom received the alert; thus, the Main Menu and/or Alert List is a real-time listing of all items that require the Onware user’s completion.


[i] E-mails sent by Onware have a maximum size limit of 50 MB.  Should the attachments exceed this size, Onware will provide notification within the e-mail that not all documents are attached.