Combining PDFs for e-mail

  • When e-mails are sent from Onware, all PDF documents will be combined into one PDF attachment
  • File name will display the name of the first document within the PDF attachment and will include “and Attachments”
    • For example: “Supplemental Instruction 000233 – MY SI.pdf” will be combined and renamed to ‘Supplemental Instruction 000233 – My SI and Attachments.pdf”
  • Onware will only combine PDF documents under the e-mail size limit
  • All attachments will still be listed separately in the body of the email; however the attached document to the email will be the combined PDF and any other attachments (non-PDF)

Inactive Projects

  • No longer looks to RFI, Changes or Progress Claims for inactivity in the last 6 months
  • Now reports on inactivity for Transmittals and Alerts
    • This provides comprehensive project inactivity reporting



  • Reported Issue: When viewing an Onware document, selecting the link to view an associated Supplemental Instruction generated error
    • Fix: Corrected the link
  • Reported Issue: When using Internet Explorer, attempting to export a Performance Report into CSV causes error
    • Fix: Corrected issue within Internet Explorer
  • Reported Issue: Quotation Recommendation “standard” template distorts and enlarges the Customer logo
    • Fix: Corrected the Quotation Recommendation “standard” template