• Save button will now save all data entered for meetings and site visits (previously had to use the update button)


Consultant Recommendation (CR)

  • Reported issue: Deleting attachments, when using Internet Explorer, generates an “error 500”
    • Resolution: Confirmed deletion of attachments now working in Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome
  • Reported issue: Re-opening and subsequently issuing a  CR with the Change Estimate process generates error
    • Resolution: CR using the Change Estimate process should be able to be re-opened and issued without error

Site Visit

  • Reported issue: Images randomly appearing as red “x” in view and/or PDF and quality is diminished
    • Resolution: Adjusted permissions on images
  • Reported issue: Site visits inputs additional characters/symbols into the PDF document; text has been entered directly into Onware (not copied from another application)
    • Resolution: Adjusted PDF generator

Change Order (CO)

  • Reported issue: CO Standard report, when using Advanced Search options, does not display correct Progress Claim
    • Resolution: Standard report, when using Advanced Search options, will display correct Progress Claim data

Proposed Change Notice (PCN)

  • Reported issue: PCN in the status of Approved/Issued/Priced cannot be re-opened for pricing; no error, work flow is not reversed to the pricing stage
    • Resolution: PCN can be re-opened for pricing, reversing the workflow to the correct pricing stage
  • Reported issue: General Contractor viewing a PCN and selects to view the embedded Consultant Recommendation, error occurs
    • Resolution: General Contractor should now be able to view embedded Consultant Recommendation within a PCN without errors