Unsolicited Change Requests

Issue: “Return to Issuer” did not match the status nor the alert that was generated when this workflow step was performed.
Resolution: Button re-worded to “Re-quote requested” to match the status and alert.

Request For Information

Issue: Able to respond to an RFI from a discipline not requested within the RFI.  This can occur if someone is set with multiple disciplines in their Preferences.
Resolution: Error message will appear “A response from your current discipline is not required. Please verify your current discipline and adjust as necessary”.

Supplemental Instruction

Issue: Prime Consultant unable to cancel an SI another Prime Consultant initiated.
Resolution: Updated security access to allow any Prime Consultant to cancel an SI.

Issue: Document numbering not dependent on the “Document to issue” type.
Resolution: Updated document numbering to be generated once a “Document to issue” has been selected.

Issue: SI can be issued without a “Document to issue” type selected.
Resolution: “Document to issue” type now mandatory.

Consultant Recommendation

Issue: Issued document date displays the first date the CR was issued, not the last date CR was issued.
Resolution: Updated document to display the last date the CR was issued, if necessary.

Site Visit

Issue: Time stamp was not showing in the users time zone.
Resolution: Updated time stamp to display in the users time zone

Setting: “SI – Close Attached RFI when SI Issued”

Issue: Setting was not working.
Resolution: Setting is now working as expected


Issue: Standard report does not display Initiated Changes
Resolution: Fixed Standard report to display statuses requested in search