New Functionality

New Alert – E-mail failed

  • Alert is sent to the Project Manager of the project when the following occurs:
    • E-mail is for a specific project; and
    • E-mail is not related to an Alert Notification
    • E-mail has attempted to be sent 3 times
  • The alert will be cleared when either the alert is dismissed or the e-mail is re-queued for sending

E-mail log

  • Added additional column to “To” table, displaying the person’s e-mail “send to” preference
  • Included ability to delete an e-mail recipient from the list of people the e-mail is addressed to

Audit Log

  • Added audit of removing recipients from outgoing e-mail
  • Added audit of re-queue of outgoing e-mail
  • Added audit of adding or removing people into/from a project

Person Preferences

  • Added warnings, outlined in yellow box, to indicate when:
    • There is no E-mail address specified for person
    • The “Send to” E-mail preference is not set to the default of “Primary”


  • Unsolicited Change Requests and their attachments will now be included in the documents sent within a Change E-mail subscription
  • No longer able to re-open a Change if it has been associated/linked to a Change Order
    • To re-open a Change, remove the Change from the Change Order before attempting to re-open the Change for editing


  • Added ability to re-open the last closed quotation to allow for re-quote
    • Re-open Last Quotation button displays within the Quotation tab of the Change
      • When selected, the most recent closed Quotation on the Change will become editable, allowing you to access the Quotation and select “Request re-quote”
  • Added ability to enter comment, using comment tab, when requesting a Quotation Recommendation from a Sub-Consultant

Standard Template – Change Order

  • Will display General Contractor and Owner Company names, as found within Project Edit Companies, until the Change Order has been acknowledged and/or Approved
    • Once an action (Acknowledge or Approve) has been completed electronically within Onware, the Company name signing line is replaced with Onware’s default electronic signature line (which displays the person’s name, Company and electronic signature, if uploaded into Onware)



Identified Issue: Change Standard Report did not display the linked RFI or SI’s to the Change  correctly
Resolution: Fixed RFI and SI linkages within Standard Report

Identified Issue: Unable to open CSV/Excel file
Resolution: Fixed Change CSV/Excel file

Change Order

Identified Issue: When viewing (or PDF) a Change Order, the table displayed doesn’t include the “total quoted cost” amount from the Change; however the total does display in the “total” field.
Resolution: Fixed Change Order table to display “total quoted cost” amount when viewing (or PDF) a Change Order

Identified Issue: Change Order Standard report, when an individual contract is selected in the search criteria, does not produce Contract Summary information
Resolution: Updated Change Order Standard report to include Contract Summary information when an individual contract is selected in the search criteria

Logos & Signatures

Identified Issue: Company logos would not appear in the PDF of a document if the logo was not a JPEG file type
Resolution: Onware now allows Company logos and electronic signatures to display in JPEG, PNG and GIF file types

Quotation Recommendation

Identified Issue: Once a Quotation Recommendation has been initiated, there is no way to access that initiated Quotation Recommendation
Resolution: Added ability to see and access, with proper permissions, existing Quotation Recommendations attached to a Quotation.  Sub-Consultants will also have “Edit” access within the Quotation Browse/Search page if they have the ability to enter a Quotation Recommendation on a Quote