New Functionality

Site Visit

If a Site Visit with multiple rooms is created, only those rooms with items will display in the view/pdf copies of the document.

Forgot Password Link

Onware has updated the information emailed to a user when the Forgot Password link is utilized.  Onware will now include both the user’s Log In ID as well as their Password in the email to the user.


Quotation Recommendations

Identified Issue: When a Sub-Consultant selects “Conforms” for a Quotation Recommendation, the alert is not removed from all the Sub-Consultants.  Selecting the alert then generates an error.
Resolution: Fixed alerts so that when a Quotation Recommendation is issued (Conforms or Request Re-quote is selected), alerts are marked done.  Alerts for additional disciplines are not affected.

Identified Issue: If a Prime Consultant initiates a Quotation Recommendation without issuing it, they do not have the ability to access it to issue it and viewing it creates an error
Resolution: Added an “Edit” button to the Quotation Recommendation table and fixed the error when attempting to view an initiated Quotation Recommendation


Identified Issue: If a text is entered on the Change tab, then another document is issued under another tab (Change Request, for example), all information entered in the Change tab is lost.
Resolution: Added a save component when moving away from the Change tab.

Identified Issue: When multiple Consultant Recommendations, in Issued state, with Change Estimates are attached to a Change, attempting to issue the Change for pricing generates an error.
Resolution: Change can be issued for pricing without error.


SI – Close RFI when Supplemental Instruction Issued

Identified Issue: With the RFI changes implemented in 7.10.9, this setting no longer worked
Resolution: Fixed and verified setting is working in 7.10.10

Alert Digest E-mails

Identified Issue: Inactive Project alerts are included in the Alert Digest E-mails mailed out every day
Resolution: Adjusted Alert Digest E-mails to only include alerts on Active Projects

Progress Claims

Identified Issue: Time display in printed form (view/PDF) sometimes displays a different date than in Onware.
Resolution: Updated time display to only include date and not hours as daylight savings was causing the issue.