What’s Different

Look and Feel

Onware has refreshed and enhanced the look and feel of our screens.

Person Selector Field

We have included the person’s primary discipline, set in the person’s Preferences, to their name when using the person selector field.  Also, we now list people’s names via their last name first, first name.

Versions prior to 7.11


 7.11  7.112

Distribution Lists and E-mail Subscription Listing

To reduce confusion to our clients, we have removed the Discipline column from both the Distribution List and E-Mail Subscription tables.  Distribution List and E-Mail Subscriptions do not utilize disciplines and having this information displayed may cause confusion.

Versions prior to 7.11


 7.10  7.11

Browse/Search pages


We have included additional date criteria filters in the advanced Options to increase search filter ability.



Based on user feedback, we have included the person’s Company name in an additional column as well as an Action Taken column.


Request For Information

“Return to Initiator” action has been included in the “Select an Action” drop down list, allowing the ability to return multiple RFI’s to the General Contractor at once.




The Submittal/Transmittal workflow has been simplified and revised slightly.  We have updated the Onware Submittal/Transmittal work flow diagram to reflect these changes.



When a Transmittal is issued, the person set as the “To” individual within the Transmittal will receive an e-mail of the Transmittal and Submittal.  Within Onware, the person will also receive a Submittal alert on their Main Menu and Alert List.  As the alert is sent to the individual to Transmittal is directed to, only the individual can action the alert.  Upon selecting the Submittal alert, the person is automatically directed to Submittal review page, allowing them to review the Submittal and (1) create a new Transmittal; (2) Forward; or (3) Reply to the Transmittal.


Details of re-design

  • Transmittals cannot be issued without being associated with a Submittal
    • Attachments are automatically pdf’d when included in a Transmittal E-mail
  • Transmittal emails subject line will display as:
    • Project Short Name: Submittal Division.Number.Revision: Submittal Title – Transmittal Transmittal Number (Transmittal Action)transmittal email
  •  Transmittals now include a Forward function, which works like the E-mail forward function
    • Forward – allows you to select a “to” person; includes attachments in forwarded transmittal
    • Reply – switches the “to” and “from” people
    Forward Reply
    Allows selection of “To” person Inserts the previous Transmittal’s “From” person as the “To” person in the reply
    Includes Attachments from the Transmittal Manually add attachments
  • When selecting a Transmittal’s “To” or “Copy To” person, there are multiple ways the person can be searched:
    • Discipline
    • Person’s name (first or last)
    • Company name
  • When searching a “To” or “Copy To” person on a Transmittal, names may appear in color
    • Green – Indicates the person has previously been sent a Submittal on the project
    • Red – Indicates the person has previously been sent this Submittal
  • A Submittal cannot be closed if there is an Initiated/Unissued Transmittal associated with it
  • When a new revision is created on a Submittal, Onware has restricted the ability to change the Division or document number, to ensure audit ability
    • When a new revision is created, the previous revision will be automatically Closed
  • Transmittals can now have E-mail Subscriptions added
    • Email subscriptions will create the “Copy To” list for the transmittals

Things to Consider during the Upgrade

  • When the Onware update occurs, Onware will create multiple Submittals, one for each Revision, for Submittals created before the upgrade that includes Revisions.  This is necessary to have previous Submittals updated to match the new Submittal structure.
  • Transmittals E-mail links created prior to the upgrade will not accurately direct to the documents.  Please direct Onware users to access the documents from within Onware.
  • Only Transmittal/Submittals created after the upgrade will have alerts created.  Transmittals/Submittals created before the upgrade will not have alerts created during the upgrade.  Onware users will need to access the Browse/Search page to “edit” these as required.

What’s New

E-mail Subscriptions

Quotation Recommendations

In our effort to standardize E-mail Subscriptions, we have included the Quotation Recommendation documentation in the Quotation, Closed status, E-mail Subscription.

Standard Form

Quotation Recommendation

The Quotation Recommendation, when viewing the Standard form, now includes a signing line, including electronic signatures (if uploaded into Onware) as well as the date the Quotation Recommendation is issued (Accepted or Rejected).

Site Visit

The Site Visit document will display the temperature (external and internal) as well as the humidity.



Identified Issue: Handle an item when it had been assigned to someone but the person has been removed from the project.
Resolution: If Onware recognizes the person who was previously assigned an item is no longer with the project, an additional entry will be added to the drop down list of options for that person.  The entry will be with “Not on Project”.  Another person can be selected or it can be left as is.

Supplemental Instruction

Identified Issue: If the setting “SI – Owner Approval” is turned on in the project, the General Contract can Acknowledge the SI before the Owner Approves.
Resolution: Corrected the access on the SI Browse/Search page.

Change Order

Identified Issue: When Contingency type contracts have been created in Change Orders, the Standard report generated error.
Resolution: Corrected error.

Request for Information

Identified Issue: Unable to return RFI to initiator from RFI Browse/Search page.
Resolution: Included a “Return to Initiator” option in the “Select an Action” drop down list.


Identified Issue: Attachment “remove” button does not remove the attachment
Resolution: Corrected “remove” button to remove the attachment