Onware is introducing a new report that will show you outstanding:

  • Requests for Information
  • Shop Drawings
  • Priced Changes
  • Progress Claims


Items will be listed, by project, and will be colour-coded based on how soon they are due or how long they have been outstanding.

The Active Items report is located in the Navigation Menu’s Project Administration category.

Click or Browse for More Detail

If you click on the headers on top of each table, you will be taken to the browse screen, where you can drill down and see additional reports.

If you click on the item itself, you will be taken to the printable view of the item, giving you all the detail on that specific entry.


Receive it by E-mail

If you want to receive the report by e-mail, Onware can generate a PDF and send it to your inbox. All you have to do is click on “Preferences” in the top-right corner of any Onware screen.

You will see the following check box in your list of preferences:


Just check it off and hit “Save”.

The delivery schedule for e-mails will be set by your Onware administrator.

The new Outstanding Items Report is part of Onware 7.11, learn what else is included.