Onware’s Project Summary is a tool Contract Administrators can use to get an overview of outstanding items on their project(s) across all Onware features.
We have created a new, enhanced Project Summary designed to get you more information quickly, including:
  • Links to view/edit/close documents that have been issued
  • More information about what’s outstanding and what has been received
  • The ability to switch between your projects from within the report

New Data

The Project Summary has been enhanced to include additional document details and “Statuses”. When receiving Consultant Recommendations or Reviews of documents, we will provide the number and a link to the document from the consultant. We have included links in the headers; so, for example, when you click on “Requests for Information”, you will be directed to the RFI browse screen.

While we work to perfect the Project Summary, we have also kept the “old” Project Summary available from a link.

Switch Projects Easily

One of the new features of the Project Summary is the ability to select projects directly within the Project Summary without having to access the Navigation Menu to change projects.  Selecting “Next” or “Previous” will move to your next or previous project as well as setting it as your current working project.

The new Project Summary is part of Onware 7.11, learn what else is included.