New Functionality

Standard Form

Change, Change Directive, Progress Claim, RFI and Quotation standard forms have been re-written into our standardized platform, incorporating all fields which can be entered in the document edit to display on the printed form.

We have also updated the Transmittal form to include the phone number for the “To” and “CC” people.


If a Transmittal is cancelled, it will now display in strikethrough (ABCD) so it can be identified as no longer applicable.


We have added the ability to cancel an e-mail, within the E-mail Log, from sending.

Change Directive

We are now displaying the Contract number in the Standard Report, making it easier to differentiate between Contracts.


Request for Information

Identified Issue: Standard report does not generate results when the status is set to [All] or [Not Closed]

Progress Claim

Identified Issue: When “Working on behalf of” was used to generate and issue a Progress Claim, this was not identified in the CSV or the printed form template (view/pdf)

Change Order

Identified Issue: If there are no changes associated with the Change Order, the Revised Contract amount, automatically populated by Onware, does not display


Identified Issue: Selecting PDF from the Browse/Search pages would not open the PDF for 30 seconds upward