New Functionality

Change Order

Original Contract and Previous Changes now have “Update to Current Value” buttons next available.  Selecting the button(s) will overwrite the amounts entered or displaying with the current values calculated automatically by Onware.


Request for Information

Identified Issue: RFI Standard report may display inaccurate response time calculations due to some RFI’s not having dates entered.

Identified Issue: When a General Contractor accesses a “Returned to Initiator” RFI, the General Contractor should have two options: (1) Close the RFI; (2) Ask a New Question.  It was identified that the General Contractor also had the ability to issue a response, which did not follow the Onware RFI Workflow accurately.

Progress Claims

Identified Issue: Date of Issue displaying on the Standard form was retrieved from the Period End date entered.  Date of Issue should be retrieved from the Date of Certificate entered.


Identified Issue: Submittal Standard report can generate an error when Submittals do not have a priority entered.

Identified Issue: During the 7.11 upgrade, Onware converted any initiated Submittals which did not have a Division set to an “unknown” number, to ensure they were not lost during the upgrade.  After the upgrade, the “unknown” Submittals were unable to be deleted.