In version 7.14, Onware has modified how the software handles uploads, which no longer requires Flash player to be installed.  Uploads will now use the “Drag & Drop” feature.

As upload functionality is a significant component of Onware, our internal testing incorporated testing Onware’s usability and functionality in older versions of the Browsers that we support – Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome.

Onware’s Minimum Requirements have been updated to reflect our testing.  As of version 7.14, Onware now supports:

  • IE version 8 and above
  • Firefox version 16 and above
  • Safari version 5 and above
  • Chrome version 19 and above

Of the above, IE 8 and 9 are the least desirable due to it’s limited support for HTML 5. As Onware continues to add or ehance functionality, taking advantage of HTML 5, these may not be available for those people accessing Onware using IE 8 or IE 9.  The Onware software will continue to operate in IE 8 and 9, however the experience will be limited.

Click on the link to see further details of the 7.14 release

What version of Internet Browser am I using?

The below steps will help you to determine which version of Internet Browser you are using.

  1. Open the Internet Browser.
  2. Find and select the menu that is named after the browser.
    For example: About Mozilla Firefox.
  3. A dialog box will appear listing the Browser version.