New Functionality


When an Onware account is created, the person is automatically added to the “Member” Group Access.

Project Edit

It was identified that a “Lot number” field was missing from the Location area of the Project.

Active Items Report

Based on feedback, we have enhanced the Active Items report to include filters for disciplines (for RFI’s), divisions (for Submittals) and a person filter – allowing specification of which Contract Administrator or Partner In Charge to generate the report for.


Copy a Change

A “Copy Change” feature is available from the Change Search/Browse page’s “Select an Action” drop down list.  A Change can be copied at any status.  Once copied, the new Change will have the “initiated” status and will only include any attachments (uploads) to the Change (no linked documents).

Requested by person selector

In order to identify where the request for a Change originates from, we have included a “Requested by” field.  This field will display on the standard form.

Unsolicited Change Request

An Additional status “Not Accepted/Invalid” has been added to UCR’s, to allow further clarification. UCR

Progress Claim

Based on user feedback, we have included the Change Order status in the Associated Changes table of the Progress Claim.


E-mail Subscriptions

Identified Issue: It was noted the RFI “return to issuer” status, which is no longer used, was displaying as an option for E-mail Subscriptions.

Project Search/Browse

Identified Issue: The ability to Edit a Project by Number was confusing for our customers, as they attempted to use it as a search mechanism.  Onware decided to remove this functionality.


Identified Issue: Meeting attendee status was lost when a new contact was entered.

Identified Issue: Tasks carried over from previous meeting show all assigned people as “not on project”.

Project Summary

Identified Issue: Submittal count displaying incorrectly.


Identified Issue: Login ID does not save when selecting “Save”, must use “Reset Password” button.  Adjusted so Login ID will save using the “Save” button.

Standard Form

Identified Issue: Progress Claim’s distribution list was displaying Supplemental Instruction distribution list.

Internet Explorer 10

Identified Issue: Uploading attachment difficulties when using IE10 in maximum view.