Enter on behalf of Contractor

Onware has introduced the ability for a Prime Consultant to enter a Quotation on behalf of a Contractor – without the need to Impersonate!

Anywhere the Quotation process is used (Change and Change Directive), a button will display “Enter on behalf of Contractor”.


When this feature is used, Onware will  provide a person selector field to select which General Contractor the Quotation is being entered on behalf of.  The person selector field must be completed before the Quotation can be issued.

Onware records in its audit whom initiated the Quotation (the Prime Consultant) and which General Contractor was selected.

Once the Quotation has been issued, the Prime Consultant will be re-directed to the Change or Change Directive, allowing them to proceed with requesting Quotation Recommendations or Close the Quotation.

Click on the link to see further details of the 7.14 release