Onware now includes Sub-Contractor workflows.  Access to the Sub-Contractor workflows, through the Navigation Menu, display for the Sub-Contractor and General Contractor roles within Onware.  Click on a Sub-Contractor workflow for highlights and more information.

  • Sub-Contractor Request for Information
  • Sub-Contractor Request for Change
  • CRX
  • Sub-Contractor Quotation
  • Sub-Contractor Change Order

To accommodate the Sub-Contractor workflows, additional Settings and Project Edit information has been implemented.


Person Trades

  • List of Trades available for selection in a person’s Preferences
  • Customizable on a per project basis to accommodate project specific trades


  • Codes for labor, material and sub-contractor cost lines

Project Edit


  • If project specific trades are required, these can be customized (in the setting) and set for each individual, as necessary

CRX codes

  • Ability to create project specific codes for Labour, Materials/Equipment/Transport or Sub-Contractor costs
  • Ability to add default codes set in Onware


  • Ability to identify the General Contractor company for the project


  • Copies the rate entered into the CRX and calculates based on the rate provided


  • Addition of a Sub-Contractor Contract type

Sub-Contractor Request for Information

The Sub-Contractor RFI document allows a Sub-Contractor to issue a question to the General Contractor.  If the General Contractor can answer the question, they will return the Sub-Contractor RFI to the Sub-Contractor.  If, however, the General Contractor cannot answer the question, the Sub-Contractor RFI document can be used to generate an RFI to submit to the requested Sub-Consultant disciplines for a response.


Sub-Contractor Request for Change

A Sub-Contractor can issue a Sub-Contractor Request for Change to the General Contractor.  Once submitted, the General Contractor has the ability to use the Sub-Contractor Request for Change document to create a CRX.

A Sub-Contractor can only access (view/pdf) their own Sub-Contractor Request for Changes.



A CRX is the mechanism used by the General Contractor to request pricing from a Sub-Contractor.  If pricing is requested, the Sub-Contractor will utilize the Sub-Contractor Quotation to submit pricing.  If the General Contractor deems the pricing acceptable, the CRX can be used to generate a Unsolicited Change Request or initiate a Sub-Contractor Change Order.

A Sub-Contractor can only access (view/pdf) their own Sub-Contractor Quotations and must have a Trade identified in either their Preferences or within the Project to be able to provide pricing on a CRX.


Sub-Contractor Change Order

A Sub-Contractor Change Order, initiated from the Sub-Contractor Quotation on a CRX, allows a General Contractor to issue and the Sub-Contractor to Acknowledge it.

A Sub-Contractor can only access (view/pdf) their own Sub-Contractor Change Orders.