We are super excited to announce that Onware Version 8 is now available!

It’s been a long time since we have released a major update to Onware, and lots of thought and effort has gone into this update. We have primarily focused on improving the User Experience based directly on user feedback. In addition, we have added a whole new set of features to help General Contractors manage their sub-contractors and trades.

If you are currently using Onware Version 7, we have already made contact with your IT department or key Onware contacts and are making plans to upgrade you to Version 8.

Keep scrolling to learn more about what’s new and different in Version 8…

General Look and Feel

There have been many improvements to the look and feel of Onware. We have started to make our layouts more responsive, which means you will have a better experience, no matter which type of device you are using. This is especially important for users of mobile devices, with smaller screen sizes.


The top tool-bar now contains two sections:

  1. We have moved action buttons, such as “Issue” or “Close” to the top tool-bar, to make them easier to use and find. Previously they were located at the bottom of the form, which meant lots of scrolling. Now they are always visible at the top.
  2. The three buttons you are already familiar with: Save, Save & Back and Back, work the same as they previously have.


Links to Main Menu, Preferences and Log Out are now icons. If person has access to the Project Summary screen, another icon will appear, next to Main Menu icon, for a direct link to the Project Summary!


The icons for the Navigation menu and Alert listing have been updated. The Help and Comments pull-outs have moved to the left side of the screen. We have standardized on a Print Preview icon, also located on the left, underneath the menus.


Edit forms in Onware have a much more standard layout now. Common fields and functions, like adding attachments will be located on the same place across different forms, and will work much more consistently.

We have also added ‘sections’ to the forms, and provide quick-scroll links near the top of the screen. The scrolling links will also underline which section you are currently on as you scroll down the form.

Browse/Search Screens

When searching for documents on browse screens, Onware will now automatically save your last search. When you return, your previous search settings will be remembered and the results will default to whatever you saw last time.


We got rid of ‘Show Advanced Options’ and will now show all filters by default. We’ve also made improvements to the layout, adding a second column and more consistent filter use.


On select columns, you will now see links to allow you to sort the results in the table. Click a second time and you can control whether the search is ascending or descending. If you want to reset the sorting, just do a new search and it will go back to the default.


Does your project have 1,000 Supplemental Instructions? In Version 8, you will see paging on many of the browse screens; this means that only 25 results will load at a time. Having paging drastically speeds up loading of results and will save time when searching for documents. We will continue to incorporate paging across all features in Onware.


If you have Administrator access, you will now see a link to the ‘Document Audit’ feature. This gives access to the full audit trail for a particular document. Also, Administrators will now see a short cut link to the Settings of each feature from the tools area at the bottom of the browse screen.

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Behind the Scenes

Rich Text Editor

Onware’s Rich text editor, used to type content into all Onware documents, has been updated and improved. It will now work on mobile devices as well has a built in spell checker.

New PDF Generator

We have updated our 3rd party tool used to generate PDFs. The new version works better for multi-page documents and documents containing large tables.

E-mail Delivery

Onware has adjusted how e-mail subscriptions are delivered from Onware. All e-mails sent from Onware will now be sent from a “do not reply” e-mail address, which will hopefully help address false-positives on spam filters and messages getting lost. You can still reply to the received e-mail, since we add a “reply-to” e-mail address based on the sender’s e-mail address, as populated in their Onware preferences.

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Integrated Shop Drawing Stamping

One of our favourite features in Version 8 is the new integrated shop drawing stamping tool.


When reviewing an uploaded PDF shop drawing in a Transmittal, you will be able to electronically stamp the PDF – directly from within Onware! It works on tablets as well as your desktop browser, with no plug-ins or other software to install.

This will save downloading the file, opening in a third party tool, saving, and re-uploading to Onware.

Onware will automatically recognize uploaded PDF attachments and will provide a “Stamp” link. Selecting the “Stamp” link will allow you to select the size of the stamp (small or large) and whether to apply the stamp to the first page or all pages in the PDF.

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Integrated PDF Mark-up and Editing

We are excited to offer a new value-added feature beginning with Version 8. Onware has integrated a third-party tool for PDF annotation and mark-up within our software.


This feature will allow you to edit any PDF file that has been uploaded to Onware within your browser or on your tablet, without the need to install plug-ins. You will no longer need to download files, open them, make your edits, save and re-upload to Onware.

Included Tools

  • Markups
    • Insert Text
    • Draw Lines, Arrows, Circles, Rectangles
    • Free-hand drawing
  • Annotations
    • Sticky Note
    • Highlight
  • PDF Adjustments
    • Rotate Pages
    • Crop Pages
    • Delete and Append Pages

Any changes made are automatically ‘flattened’ so no adjustments can be made afterwards. A full-audit trail is maintained–new versions of the PDF are created on every save and are accessible to review.

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Submittal Schedules

Onware has implemented the ability to create a default Submittal schedule (called “Template”), accessible from Onware Tools, which can be applied to any project within Onware. The Template allows Onware Administrators to create a template for each submittal required to schedule. When a Submittal template is created, you are able to select a Division, title, required date (how many days from the date created its required), and the type of Submittal it will be classified as.

Any (or all) of the division Submittal Templates created can be implemented for a specific project, from the Submittal Browse/Search page, under Tools. Each project can pick and choose which Submittals within the Template to add to the project. When implementing Submittals from the Template, Onware will require a start date for the Submittal as well as the person responsible for submitting a Transmittal on the Submittal.

Once a Submittal Template has been implemented in a project and the required by/due date is reached, an Alert is generated for the Responsible Person (as set in the Submittal schedule for the project). An Overdue Alert is also generated when the Schedule Submittal is overdue by 7+ days.

Outstanding Submittal Report (no Issued Transmittals)

A new report, called Outstanding Submittal Report (no Issued Transmittals) is available. The report will display all the Submittals (based on the search criteria provided in the search) where no Transmittals have been issued. If the Submittal has been created using the Scheduled Submittal template, the report will also show the Responsible Person within the report.

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Meetings & Site Visits User Interface Improvements


Based on Customer feedback, we have updated Site Visits and Meeting Minutes, to be more user friendly – especially on a mobile device! You no longer have to click multiple buttons to access the items, and we have introduced popup windows for editing individual items to reduce the need to scroll up and down while editing.

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Sub-Contractor Workflows

Onware version 8 includes a suite of new features for helping the General Contractor please view this post for more information: http://www.onware.com/2014/11/onware-for-the-general-contractor

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