New Functionality

Rich Text Editor

A highlight icon has been made available for use.  Simply highlight the text you wish to highlight, select the paint bucket icon, and choose your color!


Identified Issue: Attempting to link one document to another; no results are returned to establish the link.

Standard Form

Identified Issue: Company logo sometimes overlaps the response on the PDF of a second page RFI.

Identified Issue: Viewing the RFI document displayed initiated responses.

Submittal Stamp

Identified Issue: When a small Stamp is selected, the disclaimer text does not display in full.

Consultant Recommendations

Identified Issue: Searching by discipline does not work.

Submittal Search/Browse page

Identified Issue: Sorting the search table in ascending/descending order, using the “Last Action” column generates an error.

Unsolicited Change Request

Identified Issue: Standard report generates an error when all statuses are used in the search.

Request for Information

Identified Issue: When entering a discipline response to an RFI, selecting save removes the text response.

Site Visit

Identified Issue: If the “Copying Outstanding Items” setting is turned on in the project, Prime Consultant is unable to create a new Site Visit.

Settings: Request for Information

Identified Issue: If the RFI setting “Discipline override” was turned on, the RFI was not automatically being directed to the discipline identified in the setting.