New Functionality

Cancel added to Change Directive, Change Request and Field Orders

We have added a “Cancel” status to the above three documents.  With this new status, we have also updated e-mail subscriptions to allow an e-mail subscription e-mail to be sent when a Change Directive, Change Request or Field Order is cancelled.

To cancel on of these documents, the document must be in initiated state; thus the document may need to be re-opened to allow Cancel.  To Cancel a document, select “Edit”, and choose the “Cancel” button in the top toolbar.

Rich Text Editor

A format stripper has been included to allow consistent font and size formatting for all text, whether typed or copied/pasted from another application.



Emails are still being sent from a “do not reply” email address, however, e-mail subscription e-mails will now display the persons name (who completed the action) in the “from” field.  This will help people filter the e-mails received from Onware by a particular person.

The sender field will now display: Last name, First name [via Onware]

E-mail Log

A Feature drop down list has been added to help filter the e-mails more precisely.


Project Summary

Identified Issue: Date and time of generated report not displaying in users timezone.

Inactive Project Report

Identified Issue: Report was including Active projects when it shouldn’t be.

Request for Information

Identified Issue: When Prime Consultant enters a response, but does not issue the response before Returning the RFI to the General Contractor, the date is not populated.


Identified Issue: When an Owner selected an alert to approve a Change, the link to the Quotation was generating an error.

Change Request

Identified Issue: Standard report generated an error.