Onware introduces the File List!

An easy way to create a file folder hierarchy, upload and store files specific to the project.  Documents uploaded into the File List can also be attached to any Onware document (Cover Letter, Change, RFI, etc.).


Create a File Template to be automatically copied into newly created Projectsfolder

If your organization has a default file folder hierarchy typically used on projects, the same hierarchy can be created in Onware (by an Onware Administrator).

Onware Administrators can create a Folder Template, through Onware Tools, which is automatically copied into each newly created project.  Once copied into the project, the file folder tree can be added to or amended as required by that particular project.

Where is the File List and who has access to it?

The File List and its folder structure can be accessed by any project participant through the Navigation Menu, under the Project Administration category.

Who can Add documents to the File List?

Any General Contractor or Prime Consultant can add files to the File List.  Once a File is added, access to that file, can be also restricted within the File List.

Limiting Access

Documents uploaded directly to the file list can have access permissions set to it so only certain Roles/Trades/Disciplines can access the document from the File List.  Limiting access will only apply to the access within the File List, not when attached to a document.


Watch a particular File List file or folderwatch

Selecting the “Watch this folder” or “Watch this File” button indicates to Onware you want to receive an email when a change has occurred to that File or Folder.

File List documents can be added to any Onware document

Next to the upload button of an Onware document (Cover Letter, Change, RFI, etc.), a “Browse File List” button is available.  Selecting this button will allow the person to access the documents within the File List, and attach any visible document to the Onware document itself.


Additional information:

  • File list will also show upload and download history of the file, as well as who is watching the file (for audit and troubleshooting purposes).
  • Files  can be archived, moved to a different folder, or sent via Cover Letter, quickly by using the Select an Action drop down button.