8.14.0 Release

New Functionality


Require a Partner in Charge to issue a CO

The “Require a Partner in Charge to issue a CO” setting adjusts the default workflow of a Change Order.  When the setting is enabled, the Prime Consultant will only be able to “Submit” the Change Order, not issue it.  Upon Submitting, an alert is directed to the individual identified as the Partner In Charge on the project, who has the ability to issue the Change Order.  At issuance, the Change Order will follow the default workflow.

A Change Order will not be able to be Submitted unless a Partner In Charge is set on project.

The individual identified as the Partner In Charge must also be set with a Prime Consultant Role on the project.

Standard Form

Sub-Contractor RFI

All project participants are able to view a Sub-Contractor RFI when it is linked to an RFI.


Sub-Contractors can create Submittal Revisions.

General Contractor and Onware Administrator can re-open Submittals.



The Meeting Minute items can be customized for each meeting type (e.g. Site Meeting, Contract Administration meeting). For example, you can now have specific item types for a “Contract Administrator” meeting, and different item types available for a “Site Meeting”.

An Onware Administrator can configured Task Types two ways :

  • Project specific
    • Navigation Menu, select Quality Control > Tasks > Tools > Configure
  • Globally (for the entire Onware site)
    • Navigation Menu, select Onware Tools > Configure Task Types.


We have adjusted the default color and transparency used for circle and square mark ups.  The border has been set to red and the fill is set to transparent.  While the default colors have been adjusted, color and transparency can still be amended as required.


Based on feedback, we have enhanced the stamping functionality to allow a stamp to be applied to each page, directly within the Stamping area, without having to return to the Transmittal and selecting “Stamp” again.

Cover Letter

Based on feedback, we have enhanced the ability to choose which project participants to send a Cover Letter to.  You can now create a new person directly within a Cover Letter, as well as select “Browse for Project Participants”.  “Browse for Project Participants” will display a pop-up box of all project participants and allow you select multiple people at once.


If your user account (Preferences) has E-mail Subscriptions set which you would like to remove, you can now select multiple email subscriptions to be removed simultaneously.

Supplemental Instruction

When a General Contractor receives an alert to Acknowledge an SI, an additional action button, labelled “Acknowledge & Create CRX”, is available, to expedite the General Contractor suite of documents.  Selecting this action button will change the status of the SI to Acknowledged, as well as initiate and auto-populate information from the SI into a CRX.


The “Total Quoted Value” field in the Change will populate with the Accepted quotations “Total Quoted Cost”.  If there is a value already present in the “Total Quoted Value” field when a Quotation is accepted, the existing value will be overridden and replaced with the Accepted Quotations “Total Quoted Value”.



Identified Issue: If the “Active” search filter was set to “All”, the search results only displayed inactive projects.

Progress Claim

Identified Issue: When the values of a Progress Claim, in “Requesting Recommendation” status, are amended, the printed version of the document (View or PDF) did not reflect the amended values.


Identified Issue: Sub-Consultant is unable to delete their initiated Recommendation.

Site Visit

Identified Issue: Observation text entered in a New Item is not saved automatically when a picture is uploaded.  As a result, the Observation text was deleted.