Onware introduces PDF Tagging

When a PDF attachment has been uploaded into Onware, the PDF can be tagged –  an embedded link to an existing Onware document which displays the document title and number.


The recipient of the tagged PDF can click the tag which will open Onware in their default browser. If the recipient is already logged into Onware, the document will automatically open.  If the recipient is not logged into Onware, the recipient will be required to log in first before the document displays.

Security surrounding who can view the document is maintained even from the tag.  For example, if Onware determines you should not be able to see a document, if the PDF tag is linked to that particular document, Onware will still restrict your access to the document!

A PDF can have multiple tags to multiple document types within Onware.

Tagging an uploaded PDF

The option to tag a PDF is done from the Edit page of a PDF. The Edit page can be accessed by clicking Edit after attaching a PDF or clicking on a PDF within the File List.

From the Tag PDF page, the tag can be placed on a specific page or all pages and a number of document types can be selected. After the Document Type is selected, the Document search box  can be used to search for a document.


Any changes made are automatically ‘flattened’ so no adjustments can be made afterwards. A full-audit trail is maintained–new versions of the PDF are created on every save and are accessible to review.

To see tagging in action and learn about Onware’s other document management tools, check out our YouTube video: https://youtu.be/Zft-28aEFs8

Click on the link to see further details of the 8.15 release: http://www.onware.com/2015/06/8-15-0-release/