New Functionality

Construction Diaries

Click here to learn more about Superintendent Construction Diaries.

RFI Forwarding

Click here to learn more about RFI Forwarding.

General Contractor Project Summary

Click here to learn more about the General Contractor Project Summary.

Documentation Sign-Off

Documentation, available under the Navigation Menu’s Project Administrator category, has been enhanced with a Sign-Off function.  The project participant who issues the documentation will now see a “Sign-Off” link.  Selecting this link allows them to Close the Documentation on behalf of another user.

sign off

New Roles


Definition: A Superintendent runs the day-to-day operations on the construction site.  Superintendents are, most commonly, stationed on the construction site while Project Managers are, usually, based from the Construction office with part-time on site responsibilities.  The Project Manager and Superintendent work together very closely.

Within Onware, when a Project Participant is assigned the Role of the Superintendent, the Project Participant will have access to the Construction Diary Browse/Search page, including the ability to view and create new Construction Diary documents.

NOTE: A Project Participant should NOT be assigned both the Superintendent and General Contractor Roles.  A Project Participant is either a General Contractor OR a Superintendent.

Click here to learn more about the new feature, Construction Diaries.

LEM Coorindator

The LEM Coordinator Role will be used in conjunction with LEMS: a new new feature coming soon in Onware.  More information about this Role and the LEMS feature will be available soon – stay tuned!


Standard Form – Request for Information

  1. When RFI is in Initiated state, the initiator can now view the Question and Suggestion text when viewing the RFI in Print Preview.
  2. The Standard RFI Form has been updated to include, if applicable, details of RFI Forwarding.




Click here to learn more about RFI Forwarding.

Request for Information

“Short Descripton” has been renamed “Notes” and includes a 200 character limit.  This text displays on the General Contractor RFI page, as well as the General Contractor RFI report.

Within an RFI, a link to the Sub-Contractor RFI document has been included so those with access to the RFI can see the details that the Sub-Contractor submitted as well.


If a Quotation was generated from a CRX, the Prime Consultant can now view the CRX and any relevant Sub-Contractor Quotations linked to the Issued Quotation.


In order for Sub-Contractors to provide accurate pricing to the CRX request, Sub-Contractors require access to view, if applicable, the associated Change, while restricting the Sub-Contractors ability to view the pricing submitted in a Quotation, by the General Contractor.

A Sub-Contractor can now view the Change linked to the CRX, but not the Quotation itself.

CRX – Cost Code Configure

To improve search-ability, we have included paging and filters for “Type”.  Paging will display 25 results per page.

CRX Rates

CRX Rates have moved from the Project setup to CRX Browse/Search, under Tools, called “CRX Rates”.  Those in the General Contractor Role will have the ability to create and edit CRX Rates as required.

Company Browse/Search Page

To improve search-ability, we have included paging and a City filter to assist in refining searches.  Paging will display 25 results per page.

Sub-Contractor Quotation

When allocating a Sub-Contractor Quotation to a CRX Code, only “Sub-Contractor” type CRX codes are available for selection.

Company type ahead now displays the Company number or Type number after the name, as well as the City and Province.

Paging has been added to:

  • Quotation Browse/Search page
  • Projects Browse/Search page

Active Items Report

The Active Items Report now includes the Project number as well as the Project name.


File List

Identified Issue: More consistency for an Onware Administrator to see the Upload field when switching between projects.

“Every Alert” E-mail Notifications

Identified Issue: E-mail does not include URL link to Onware site.


Identified Issue: Selecting “Save & Back” does not return to the previous page.


Identified Issue: Selecting “Import Recommendation comments” does not import comments from the linked Recommendations.


Identified Issue: The PDF contained in the e-mail subscription attachment for a Sub-Contractor Change Order was generating an error.


Identified Issue: If a task assigned to a person is deleted, the alert is not removed from the assigned person’s Main Menu/Alert List.

Request for Information

Identified Issue: When a Sub-Consultant enters there response to an RFI and selects “Save”, the File List expands automatically.  Upon this occurrence, selecting “Save” again, or “Issue” an error is generated.

Submittal Standard Report

Identified Issue: List of transmittals displaying per Submittal had no order.  The order is now displaying from Oldest number to Newest number.


Identified Issue: The “Select an Action” option of “Copy” allowed all Roles to Copy a Change.

Change Order Approval Process

Identified Issue: If order is not followed, additional Owner(s) did not have the ability to Approve the Change Order.

Browser Issue – Internet Explorer 11

Identified Issue: When a Sub-Consultant enters, only, a response in an RFI and attempts to issue, after they complete the Suggestion field, upon selecting Issue Onware does not recognize a Suggestion has been entered and errors again.

Time Sheet

Identified Issue: Using the “Now” link date picker to set the Time Sheet week does not restrict a new Time Sheet of the same week to be created.

Identified Issue: When attempting to delete a row from a rejected Time Sheet which includes Project time and Non-Chargeable time, selecting delete deleted the incorrect row.


Identified Issue: When a new person is created within a Meeting, and the person’s “Company” field is not populated, the Meeting items assigned to the newly created person do not display their name, nor does a Task alert get created for the person.

Identified Issue: When items are brought forward from a previous meeting, and the “Select an Action” option of Close is selected, the Meeting item is removed from the current Meeting.


Identified Issue: Unable to re-open a Transmittal that does not have a person identified in the “To” field.

Sub-Contractor Change Order Browse/Search page

Identified Issue: Browse/Search page generates error due to save search criteria.

Sub-Contractor Request for Information

Identified Issue: When reviewing a Sub-Contractor RFI, attempting to link to an existing CRX generates an error.

Submittal Template

Identified Issue: Selecting the “New” button generates an error.