To Forward the RFI to Sub-Contractor(s), follow the steps below:

NOTE: An RFI can only be Forwarded to Sub-Contractors when it is in the “Return to Initiator” status.

  1. Select the “Returned to Initiator” RFI Alert.forward
  2. Scroll to the “Forward” section and select “Browse for Project Participants”.
    NOTE: Only those Project Participants in the Role of Sub-Contractors will display.
  3. Select all Project Participant(s) the RFI will be forwarded to.  Choose “Add Selected People”.
  4. The list of the selected Project Participants displays.
  5. Select:
    1. “Issue” (next to each person’s name) to Issue the RFI Forward to each Project Participant individually
    2.  ” Issue All Outstanding” to issue the RFI Forward to all identified Project Participants at once.

forward steps

NOTE: If you would like Onware to also send an E-mail to selected Project Participants, check the box next to each Project Participants name prior to selecting “Issue” or “Issue All Outstanding” in Step 5 above.

Issuing the RFI Forward (Issue or Issue All Outstanding) sends an Alert to those specified Project Participants.   for them to Acknowledge the reciept of the RFI Forward request.

The RFI Standard form has been updated to display, when the RFI Forward feature is used, whom the RFI was forwarded to, the date the Forwarding was Acknowledged the Forward, and if an E-mail was sent.


The new functionality RFI Forwarding is part of Onware 8.16.0, learn what else is included.