Onware has implemented a new feature, called Construction Diary, accessible within the Site Communications category of diarythe Navigation Menu. The Construction Diary is created by a project participant in the Superintendent Role (see below for more information on this new Role) and is used to document the daily information about the project/job site.

What information can be recorded in a Construction Diary?diary standard

  • Description
  • Work Done
  • Deliveries
  • Equipment Rental details
  • Site Issues
  • Tasks
  • Current weather data for either the project or your current location
  • Manual entry of weather data

NOTE: Weather data is retrieved automatically from the Internet, upon selecting the appropriate Weather button.  The weather data is determined at the date and time of when the button is selected.

Need to designate a Construction Diary specific to a Crew?

Each Construction Diary can be allocated to a specific Crew, if required. Crew names and number are assigned within the Project setup, by an Onware Administrator.


How is the General Contractor notified a Construction Diary was Issued?

Upon issuance of the Construction Diary, the General Contractor will receive an alert to review.  The Construction Diary can either be returned to the Superintendent or Closed.


Superintendent Role

Definition: A Superintendent runs the day-to-day operations on the construction site.  Superintendents are, most commonly, stationed on the construction site while Project Managers are, usually, based from the Construction office with part-time on site responsibilities.  The Project Manager and Superintendent work together very closely.

Within Onware, when a Project Participant is assigned the Role of the Superintendent, the Project Participant will have access to the Construction Diary Browse/Search page, including the ability to view and create new Construction Diary documents.

NOTE: A Project Participant should NOT be assigned both the Superintendent and General Contractor Roles.  A Project Participant is either a General Contractor OR a Superintendent.

The new Construction Diary functionality is part of Onware 8.16.0, learn what else is included.