General Contractors: Have you wanted to Create a Site Visit directly in Onware?  Now you Can!

SiteVisitLinkSite Visits, located within the Quality Control category of the Navigation Menu, has been updated with new and improved functionality – including the ability for General Contractor and Prime Consultants to create a Site Visit.

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Site Visit Workflow



Browse for Project Participants

2015-11-16_13-08-04Find it time consuming typing each Participants name to add them to the Site Visit? Try using the Browse for Project Participant button, which allows you to select any and all Project Participants at once!

Weather data

2015-11-16_13-22-07Previously, weather data could only be entered manually into a Site Visit.  Onware can now retrieve the weather data, for either the Project Location (as set in the Project setup), or the current location of the person logged into Onware, simply by selecting a button!

If historical weather data is required, select the date, enter the time**, and select either “Get Weather for Project Location” or “Get Weather using Currently Location” and let Onware do the rest!


** NOTE: If a time is not noted, Onware will retrieve weather data for noon of the date selected.

Importing Observations

ObservationsImporting Observations from a previous report can now be done with just the click of a button.  Click on Import Items to manually select which deficiency Observations are to be imported into the Site Visit.

The Item(s) can be searched by “All” or by choosing a specific Discipline.  Check off the item(s) to be imported and click on Import Selected.  The items will automatically be added to your current Site Visit document.


With the ability to import Observations, the Setting “Copy Outstanding Items” has been removed.  Any outstanding deficiencies will need to be imported into each newly created Site Visit.

Observations Name Change – Rooms=Area

The “Rooms” field has been renamed to “Area”.


Standard From: Observation Images – Display and Printing

Images attached to an Observation now display at the bottom of the Site Visit Form under Attachments.

When a Site Visit is viewed by clicking on view or print preview, the images display the Item, Area Number and Area Title they are associated too.

When viewing/printing in PDF, the Observation images/uploads will display at the end of the Site Visit document, allowing the option of printing selected pages (document only, images only, or both) when required.


A Site Visit Checklist is a per-determined list of items requiring review during the Site Visit.  In the 8.18.1 release, a Checklist template can be included into a Site Visit, and each of the Checklist Item updated to reflect their review.

Onware Administrators can create Checklists globally (for the entire Onware site) or project specific.  Refer to  “Onware Administrators: Things to Know – Checklists” below for instructions on how to create a Checklist.2015-11-17_13-51-37

Once a Checklist is added to a Site Visit, each item can be edited to allow further documentation.  Each item can be categorized as “Yes”, “No” or “N/A”, have comments entered, and/or used to create an Observation Item.

Onware Administrators: Things to Know

Configure Site Visit Areas

2015-11-16_13-51-20To configure the default list of Areas for a Site Visit, previously set as a Setting called “Default Rooms”, select the Configure Site Visit Areas link from the Site Visit Search/Browse page.

When configuring Areas, Onware no longer requires both the Number and Title fields.  A Number and/or Title field may be entered.

E-mail Subscriptions

An E-mail Subscription for an Issued Site Visit will only be triggered when the Site Visit is created and subsequently issued by a Sub-Consultant.  Site Visits created by the General Contractor or the Prime Consultant are moved to the status of Closed automatically by Onware.


Creating a Checklist is accessible through the Checklists category of the Onware Tools Menu.

Select New in the top toolbar and perform the following steps:

  1. NewChecklist If applicable, choose the Project the Checklist is required for.**
  2. Enter the Title of the Checklist.
  3. Select whether the Checklist is Active or Inactive.
  4. Add Items using the below steps.

** If no project is selected, the Checklist will be available for selection by all projects.

Next, the individual Checklist Items need to be added.  Click on Add New Item and enter the required information as shown below:

  1. NewChecklistProcessEnter the Title of the Checklist Item.
  2. Enter a Description for the Checklist Item.
  3. Click on Save for the Checklist Item to display under the newly created Checklist.

Active Checklist will be available for selection when creating/updating a Site Visit.

If a Checklist will also display when viewing/printing the Site Visit.

NOTE: Items can be re-ordered by dragging and dropping the items into the required order.

Click here to learn more about the 8.18.1 release.