8.18.1 Release

New Functionality

Site Visits Improved

To learn more about the new functionality and improvements in Site Visits, click here.


CRX response times, as specified in the contract, can be configured per Contract (as set in the Project set up) in Onware.  By doing so, Onware will automatically populate the date required, based on the date the Change or Change Directive is “Issued for Pricing” plus the interval of days as configured in the Project’s Contract.

E.g. Contract’s “Quotation Due On” set to 14 and Change is issued for pricing October 1, the CRX Due On date would automatically populate as “October 15”.

To configure the time intervals, as specified in the Contract, follow the below steps:

  1. 2015-11-18_14-27-12As an Onware Administrator, edit the Project.
  2. In the Contract section, edit the Contract the CRX response times are required on.
  3. 2015-11-18_14-24-58Enter the number of days the Quotation is due (from the date pricing was required) in the Quotation Due Date field.
  4. Enter the number of days the Quotation Recommendations are due (from the date pricing was provided from the General Contractor) in the Quotation Response Due Date field.

When asked to provide pricing on a Change or Change Directive, the General Contractor can create a CRX from the initiated Quotation.  When a CRX is initiated in this manner, Onware will automatically populate the CRX Due On date, with the time interval (in calendar days) as specified in the Quotation Due Date.

Once the CRX is Submitted as a Quotation, the Response Due On date is also calculated automatically by Onware, based on the time interval (in calendar days) as specified in the Quotation Response Due Date.

The CRX Due On and Response Due On dates now display on the CRX Standard Form.

NOTE: Onware will not overwrite the date when the Response Due On date is manually entered.


The CRX Standard form has been updated to display these dates.

File List – Folder Access, Folder Watching and Uploading

Click here to learn more about the File List new functionality.

Construction Diary 

Onware can now retrieve historical weather data.  If historical weather data is required, select the date, enter the time**, and select either “Get Weather for Project Location” or “Get Weather using Currently Location” and let Onware do the rest!

** NOTE: If a time is not noted, Onware will retrieve weather data for noon of the date selected.



All project participants now have read only access to view a Submittal once it has been closed.


When closing a CRX, a notification will be displayed, as a reminder, that closing the CRX will prevent the creation of Sub-Contractor Change Orders.


When copying a project, Onware provides the ability to copy the Project’s File List structure.


Performance Report

Identified Issue: Performance report page generates an error when loading.

Site Visit

Identified Issue: Auditing of a Site Visit generates an error.

Identified Issue:  When issuing Site Visits not all pages are being generated and included in the PDF

Request for Information

Identified Issue: An RFI is able to be “Returned to Issuer” without a Discipline’s Suggestion entered.

Cover Letter

Identified Issue: Cover Letter number is duplicated when the Cover Letter document is created from File List.

Expenses/Time sheet

Identified Issue: When an Expense was saved and subsequently updated, the original total was displaying on the Invoice Worksheet.

Identified Issue: Accounting Approval page is inaccessible due to page taking too much time to load.

Change Request

Identified Issue: Change Request generates errors when attempting to retrieve the associated Change.


Identified Issue: Removed Sub-Contractors ability to view Quotations from within a Change printed form.