1. Onware login URL (address)2016-01-27_14-59-48

All emails sent from Onware will now include the URL link to log into Onware.

E-mails containing attachments

2. Attachments too large to send

2016-01-27_14-50-08Onware limits the size of each attachment in an e-mail (typically 5MB) to ensure the email is not rejected by the recipient due to attachment size.

Previously, if one or more files could not be attached due to size, Onware included a disclaimer advising such.  The e-mail recipient, however, had to ascertain which document(s) was not included.

In version 8.21, we have updated the readability of list of attachments to include Statuses.

  • Attached
    • Document is included as an attachment in the e-mail
  • Attached – Combined PDF
    • Document is included in the Combined PDF document included in the e-mail
  • Not Attached
    • Document is over the size limit and has not been included in the e-mail

3. ZIP files

Onware will now include, in any e-mail which contains attachments, a link to download all attachments as a ZIP file.

Selecting the “Download All Attachments as a ZIP” link will automatically open Onware.  If you are already logged into Onware, you will be directed to a page where the ZIP file will automatically download.

If you are not logged into Onware when selecting the “Download All Attachments as a ZIP”, you will be required to enter your username and password before being directed to the ZIP file.

2016-01-27_16-20-06For your convenience, Onware will display the approximate size and the length of time of time it will take to download the ZIP file as well as the list of attachments to be included in the ZIP.

Want more information about ZIP files?  We have included the link to wikipedia below!


4. Daily Digest E-mails

The Daily Digest E-mails have been formatted within a table so they are easier to read on a mobile device.


5. Welcome to Onware email

2016-02-04_14-30-24The Welcome to Onware email identifies the name and company of the Onware Administrator who generated the E-mail.

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