As always, Onware is listening!  Based on your feedback, we have added some additional functionality and improvements to our File List.  Read below to learn more!


Usability Improvements

  • Improved user experience when viewing and navigation through the File List from a smaller viewing surface
  • Improved speed performance of loading folders and/or switching between folders
  • When a folder is selected, the total number of files within the folder displays

2016-02-04_11-41-00Editing a File within the File List

To reduce ambiguity or confusion with document management revisions, the column “Revision” has been re-worded to “Upload Version”.

New Functionality

Download as a ZIP

Using the “Select an Action” drop down list, project participants can download, into a ZIP file, either select files or all active (non-Archived) files within a folder.

How to Download Folder or Files as a ZIP

  1. 2016-02-08_15-04-14Either select the folder or the specific files within a folder to be copied.
  2. From the “Select an Action” drop down list, choose the appropriate download option:
    1. Download Entire Folder as a ZIP
    2. Download Selected File(s) as a ZIP
  3. Select the Go button.
  4. The folder or files will automatically start to download as a ZIP file.

Copy link2016-02-08_15-11-13

Need to reference a specific folder in the Project’s File List easily and quickly?  Copy it!

Hover the mouse over the icon, right-click and select “Copy link”.  Onware will store a copy of the link which you can paste for easy reference.

To access the copied folder location, Onware requires the person to log in, and be a participant of the Project, prior to being re-directed to the specified Project’s File List folder.

NOTE: Folder Permissions are maintained when using the Copy link function.  If a Person whom does not have the appropriate permissions to view the contents of a folder attempts to access the folder via the copied link, they will still be unable to view the contents of the folder.

Copy a file to another folder

When Folder Access is limited, using the Copy function in the File List facilitates the requirement to have an identical file in two different folders.

How to Copy a File from one folder to another

  1. 2016-02-04_12-13-57Select the File(s) to be copied.
  2. From the “Select an Action” drop down list, choose Copy.
  3. Select the Go button.
  4. The File folder structure will display.  Select the destination Folder for the copied File.
  5. Choose OK.

Additional Information:

  • The most recent Upload Version is copied into the destination folder
  • The person who completed the “Copy” action is recorded as User of the copied file within the destination folder
  • The date the file was copied is used as the “Initiated” date of the copied file
  • Files can be copied into any folder – including those the Project Participant does not have access to
  • Copying a File with explicit Access does not copy the Access.  The Access must be set on the copied file in the destination folder.

Setting – Limit Upload Access

Assigned to the Onware Administrator by default, if this setting is applied in a project, only the Onware Administrator can upload files into the File List.

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