Need to enter a Sub-Contractor’s Quotation on their behalf?  You now can by following the steps below:

  1. From the Navigation Menu, select the appropriate project.
  2. Select Changes > CRX.
  3. 2016-02-10_14-59-40Select “New” to create a new CRX OR edit an existing CRX.
  4. From within the CRX, select the check box of Sub-Contractor to enter a Quotation on behalf of.
  5. 2016-02-10_15-02-05Select Save from the Top Toolbar.
  6. An “Enter on Behalf” of button appears next to the Sub-Contractors name selected.
  7. Select the “Enter on Behalf” of button.  The Sub-Contractor Quotation page displays.
  8. Complete all necessary fields.
    NOTE: Total Quoted and Cost Type are mandatory fields.  If a Sub-Contractor Change Order will be required, a Contract must be selected (or created using the New Contract) button.
  9. By default, the Issued By field populates with the Sub-Contractor’s name selected in step 4 above.  This can be removed and amended as required.
  10. Select the appropriate action from the Top Toolbar:
    1. Close
      1. A contract must be selected prior to the Sub-Contractor Quotation Close action being accepted by Onware.
      2. Closing allows a Sub-Contractor Change Order to be created.
    2. Close Without Contract
      1. Does not require a Contract prior to Closing the Sub-Contractor Quotation.
      2. A Sub-Contractor Change Order will not be able to be issued from with Sub-Contractor Quotation.
  11. Once the Sub-Contractor Quotation is closed, you are re-directed to the CRX selected in Step 3 above.

NOTE: The Sub-Contractor must have a Trade selected in either their Preferences (User Account) or the Project for a Sub-Contractor Quotation to be created on their behalf.

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