New Status – Submitted2016-02-10_8-07-46

Introducing a new workflow – Submit!

When the setting “Submit & Issue Workflow” is enabled, the PCR is Submitted to the Role identified in the Setting for review prior to Issuance.  The Role identified in the setting will review the PCR and Issue it to the Person/Role it was directed to by the Initiator.

NOTE: Assigning the Submitted to Role requires assistance from the Onware Help Desk.  Please contact us for assistance.

Standard report2016-02-10_7-40-20

A Standard Report is now available for PCR’s, which displays:

  • Response required by date
  • Due (Days) – calculated as [current date]-[required by date]
  • Age – calculated as [current date]-[issued on date]

Setting – Default Required by Duration

Projects typically have a turn around time specified in the Contract.  If this setting is enabled, the PCR’s Required by Date will automatically populate with the required by date, based on the current date + number of days set in the setting.

E.g. Setting set to 14, PCR initiated October 1, the required by date would automatically populate as “October 15”.

General Look and Feel improvements

The PCR Search screen has been updated to incorporate the Standardization used on other Onware documents.  Attachments will now display when reviewing the PCR.  The General Contractor also has the ability to link an existing Program Clarification request to an RFI prior to issuing the RFI.

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