8.21.1 Enhancements


Email Subscriptions

  • The feature drop down list has been updated to include only relevant documents
  • Email subscriptions for Subcontractor Change Orders will now include the Subcontractor Company and Reference Number in the Subject line of the email notification

Tax Calculations

By default, Onware calculates the taxes, as set in the Project, automatically when a new Change Order or Progress Claim is created.  Situations have arisen where the tax needs to be amended or overwritten and we have listened!

Onware continues to calculate the taxes by default when a new Change Order and Progress Claim is created, however, taxes now display in an editable field, facilitating the ability to overwrite the tax amount, if required.  As the Values of the Change Order and/or Progress Claim are updated and saved, the tax calculation fields will update automatically; thus if a manual tax amount is required, it is important to verify the Tax amount is accurate prior to Issuance of the document.

To reset the tax calculations to the automated calculated value, select the “Reset Tax Amounts” button.


Project Information Report

  • Includes the Project Participants associated Company
  • Added Trades and Disciplines search filters

Active Items

The Active Items report now includes a project selector, allowing further reporting refinement.


Need to remove multiple people from the Transmittal’s “Copy To” section?  Using the Delete Selected option from within the “Select an Action” drop down list, you can now easily remove multiple people at once!


2016-02-10_10-53-23Change Order – Return workflow steps included

Owners and General Contractors now have the ability to Reject a Change Order by selecting Return to Issuer. Within the Change Order Workflow, “Return to Issuer” will generate an alert for the initiator and change the status of the Change Order to Rejected.

Search screens – Status drop down list

searchRequest For Information, Submittal and CRX

The Onware search screens are changing!  Over time, we will be updating each search screen’s status drop down to be more flexible – allowing you to select multiple statuses for each search!  Select each appropriate status you wish to search on before clicking the Search button and Onware will display those statuses (and any additional search criteria used) in the Search results table.

Want all statuses?  Simply select the [All] option!


New status “Re-pricing”

When a Quotation is rejected (re-quote requested), the Change status will be updated to Re-pricing (previously the status returned to Pricing).  The new Re-pricing status allows for improved clarity on what is occurring on the Change.

With any new status introduced, an E-mail subscription can be set up for Project Participants to receive an email when a Change transitions to the Re-pricing status.  This may be beneficial for use for those who wish to be notified when a new Quotation (Price) has been requested.

Closing Quotations mandatory before a Change can be cancelled

A Change cannot be Cancelled by a Prime Consultant unless all existing Quotations associated with the Change have been Closed or Cancelled.

Submittal Standard Report

The Submittal Standard report has been updated to include two new columns.  The “To” person information has also been updated to include their associated Company Name

  1. Last Activity
    1. Calculated as [current date] – [last transmittal issued on date] on Open Submittals
  2. Transmittal “From Person” (including the Project Participant’s associated Company Name)
    E.g. Barney Rubble [LightHorse Innovation]

Sub-Contractor Request For Information

The General Contractor can now create a CRX directly from a Sub-Contractor RFI.  When done, Onware will auto-populate information from the Sub-Contractor RFI into the CRX, and link the two documents automatically.

Standard Report

Now includes a column for the Company associated with the Sub-Contractor.

Request For Information Forward E-mail

The received RFI Forward E-mail now includes the number, title, and last action completed of the RFI (eg. Return to Initiator) when the RFI forward function is used.

Change/Progress Claim Approval2016-02-10_11-20-41

When the “Value Breakdown” button is used in the Change or Progress Claim Approval action, the Value Breakdown table displayed now includes a column for the description.  The description is derived from the the Contract’s Value Description field within the Project.

Sub-Contractor Change Order

  • When editing a Sub-Contractor Change Order, a Contract drop down list now displays and will automatically populate with the Contract selected within the CRX
  • Search criteria filter for Contracts has been included on the Search Screen
  • Sub-Contractor Standard printed form has been updated to display the Sub-Contract Contract selected

Standard Form – Quotation

The Time Impact field now displays on the Standard printed document.

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