Progress Claim – Re-open for Sign-Off

2016-02-09_8-12-30Do you have a Project Owner who manually signs Progress Claims?  Need to upload the signed document with the Progress Claim in Onware however the Progress Claim is already in the Approved state?

Onware introduces the “Re-open for Sign-Off” feature – available from the Progress Claim Search screen’s “Select an Action” drop down list.  When used, the Progress Claim’s status is adjusted to Issued allowing the Project Participant in the Owner Role the ability to action (Approve) the Progress Claim directly from the Progress Claim Search screen.

Preferences – Reset All Browse Screens

2016-02-09_10-09-02Need to quickly clear all saved search criteria Onware stores for each document without the need to manually find and delete all the search criteria you’ve used previously?  You now can using the “Reset All Browse Screens” button!

Located in your Preferences, 2016-02-09_10-02-13 selecting the “Reset All Browse Screens” button will clear all saved search criteria, for all Onware documents, and reset them to the defaults.

As a reminder, the default search criteria is [All] or empty/blank.

Password Reset

2016-02-09_14-55-37When the “Require Password Reset on Next Log In” is selected on a User’s Account (Preferences), or the Project Participant requested a link to reset their password using the “Forgot Password” option, upon the Project Participant’s next login, they are directed to a Reset Password page where they can easily reset their password.


2016-02-09_13-04-28Transmittal – FM Information Checklist

When the setting is enabled, a checkbox displays within the Transmittal edit page and the Standard form, called “FM Information Checklist Attached”, which must be selected before the Transmittal can be Issued.

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