Onware version 8 was released in November of 2014. It included many new features such as PDF mark-up and editing, user interface improvements, and new features for subcontractor management. Since it’s initial release we have made more than 20 additional feature releases including new tools and improvements.

We have started on our next major advances in Onware version 9. We are building our next-generation software architecture and incorporating over 100 changes based on user feedback.

As we work towards completion of this new version we are planning events and presentations to educate our users and get ready for this upcoming milestone in the history of Onware.

Single Sign-On

  • Log on to Onware using your work account
  • If you currently have more than one Onware account, you will be able to consolidate to a single login

Better Performance

  • Faster processing of outgoing notification e-mails
  • Screen load time reduced

New Menu

  • Reduced number of clicks to access features
  • More intuitive and descriptive

Submittal / Shop Drawing Review

  • Additional features in the File List for sharing and managing your drawings
  • Re-designed Submittal feature with better action tracking and reporting
  • Job-based, customizable distribution lists

Universal Linking

  • Create links between any documents for easier cross-referencing

New Home Screen

  • The new home screen will make accessing Onware features faster and we are bringing project KPIs front & center

File List App

  • For working with files off-line and exporting project data

Smarter Search Screens

  • Based on user feedback, we are improving the experience when searching for documents

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