General Contractor Reporting

In Version 8.25.0 we are introducing a new General Contractor Report for Supplemental Instructions, while enhancing the RFI and Submittal General Contractor Reports.  Click here for more details. 


Person Directory

The Person Directory has been updated to include new search criteria and improved flexibility when searching by Discipline(s) or Trade(s).

  • Refine search results by Group(s), Feature(s) and/or Role(s).
  • Primary Discipline(s) and Trade(s) selector updated to allow for multiple selections.


E-mail Maximum Attachment Setting

E-mails sent by Onware have a maximum size limit that is determined by the setting: E-mail Maximum Attachment Size. This setting, which is typically set to 5 MB, must be configured by the Onware Helpdesk. With Onware version 8.25.0, we have updated this setting to now be available on a per-project basis.

Altering this setting on a per project basis allows the flexibility to decide, on a per project basis, if attachments will be included in e-mail subscriptions generated by Onware.  By default, attachments will still be included in e-mail subscription emails.

However, when the setting is configured to not include email attachments, no attachments will be included in the e-mail.  Users will still have access to download all attachments as a ZIP file directly from the e-mail and reference the attachment table. The attachment table will still specify if attachments were included in the e-mail.

8-25-attachment 8-25-no attachment

Should you need to adjust this setting for your project please contact the Help Desk for further Assistance.

Budget Adjustment

When a Budget Adjustment is created from a CRX, the line item(s) on the Budget Adjustment will now reference which CRX the information was populated from.

If adding a new item directly to a Budget Adjustment, you can now select a CRX using the CRX # field which displays all CRX’s on the project available for selection.


Added ability to view comments, entered in the comment tab, when viewing a Documentation.

File List

A keyword search field has been added to the File List. This field will search the titles of the uploaded document(s) in the selected folder.

Program Clarification Request – Submit Workflow

The Role identified in the “Submit & Issue Workflow” setting now has the ability to return the PCR to the initiator, should any information be missing or incorrect. A comment must be entered in the comment tab prior to selecting Return to Initiator.

 Subcontractor Change Order

A column added to identify the Company associated with the Sub-Contractor has been included.

Original Contract Amount and Previous C.O. Amount to Date fields now have an “Update to Current Value” button(s) available.  Selecting the button(s) will overwrite the amounts entered or displaying with the current values calculated automatically by Onware.


Change Directive

Identified Issue: Close action button displayed when Change Directive in Acknowledged status.

Change Directive Standard Form

Identified Issue: Acknowledged signature line not displayed on Change Directive standard form.


Identified Issue: When checkbox selected in Contacts section header, corresponding contacts were not automatically selected.

Quotation Search page

Identified Issue: Status Column did not display the status of the Quotation.