The descriptive text on the “CRX Due On” field has been updated to “Required By” for clarity.  Furthermore, it now displays on the CRX for the Sub-Contractor’s review when providing pricing.

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The Transmittal list, as displayed when editing a Submittal, is now sortable by Number, From, To, Action Taken or Date.

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The “Limit Access to Selected User/Groups” selection in a Documentation is now included in the Excel/CSV report information.

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Issue Identified: When the search results, on the Meeting search page, are refined by Meeting Type, the total records found is incorrect and Onware does not provide the ability to select a different page to view additional search results.

Consultant Recommendation

Issue Identified: The “Issued By” column on the Consultant Recommendation search page did not display any information.

Consultant Recommendation Standard Report

Issue Identified: The “Issued On” and “Issued By” columns in the Consultant Recommendation standard report did not display any information.


Identified Issue: When a project participant’s Role access was defined within the project, they were unable to access the Recommendation search page.

Submittal Stamping

Identified Issue: The Stamp “Successfully Added” banner displaying and automatically removing after a designated amount of time could impact cursor placement on the thumbnail image.


Identified Issue: The CRX’s “Total Labour + Materials/Equipment/Transport + Sub-contractor” dollar value calculation did not update when the Profit or Overhead percentage field values were adjusted.


Identified Issue: The Change CSV report did not generate based on the selected search criteria.