Onware 9 – Update 1

It’s not just a new version, it’s a re-build from the ground up.

Our team has been working hard on Onware version 9! We are excited to share with you our first progress update on this highly anticipated version!

Main Menu

Main Menu

Search Page

Search Screen


At present, Onware version 9 is dominating our day-to-day work, investing well over 1,600 developer hours since February. Our to-do list currently contains over 975 changes and we are well on our way towards completion.
Highlights of the work that has been completed to date:


    • Added favourites to the home screen for easy access to logs


    • Re-design of the Menu home screen, navigation, colours, buttons, menus


    • Universal Linking – Allowing links between any documents


    • Added more powerful comments with attachments and access controls


    • Even faster uploading and thumbnail generation


    • Enabled single sign-on – the ability to log into Onware with one account


    • Integration with Office 365 Active Directory


    • Smarter Search screens –  more search options and improve performance


  • Next-generation database

Supplementary Material

Recently, we produced a series of quick 3-5 minute how-to videos for use in Onware training and launched our YouTube channel. Thank you for the great feedback received thus far! We are looking forward to expanding and refining this offering over time.

In parallel with Onware Version 9, we are also consolidating, updating, and refining our documentation and users guide into a new guide that will be available online and in PDF format.

Version 8

While working on Version 9, we have not stopped with Version 8. Below, is a timeline of Onware releases. As you can see, even though we are focused on version 9, we continue updating version 8 when needed.

One of the highlights of the last few releases is that we have doubled upload speeds for Cloud customers, going from 36 min for an 85 MB file down to 14 min.

Next Steps

As we complete the initial Version 9 release, we are also reviewing our list of customer requests, and as always, incorporating your feedback. After Onware 9 goes live, we will not slow down, and continue refining and improving.

Going forward, we will continue to communicate our progress, as well as organizing opportunities for demos and training. We will also be providing early access to version 9 in a test environment  so you have a chance to check it out before release.