Onware Version 9 – Update 2

It’s not just a new version, it’s a re-build from the ground up.

Our team has been working hard on Onware version 9! We are excited to share with you our updated progress!


Consistent standardization across Onware:

  • Multi selection of statuses on all Search pages
  • Cancel functionality for all documents
  • Return workflow functionality on all documents
  • Create a Transmittal (previously called Cover Letter in v8) quickly directly from a document’s Search page

What’s New

Re-designed Navigation Menu & NEW! Favourites

In version 8, did you ever have difficulty figuring out which category the document you were looking for was in? We heard your feedback…

Version 9 has a newly organized Navigation Menu!

Improved categorization of documents, coupled with a short description of the purpose of each document, we are confident this re-designed Navigation Menu will assist users in locating their project documents more quickly.


Worried there are still “too many clicks” to accessing the document you use frequently? We’ve taken care of that also with Favourites! For documents you access frequently, add and organize your Favourites for quick and convenient access.

nav menu

NOTE: Favourites display on the Home screen once a project is selected.

Enhanced Comments

Customer feedback on the Version 8 implementation of comments has been well received, but it was evident more could be done to improve this feature. In Version 9, comments:

  • Display at the bottom of all editable document pages
  • Viewing can be restricted to a specific Role
  • Include ability to upload attachments directly to the comment
  • Are accessible when selecting View of the document from the Search page


Universal Linking

In version 8, Onware determined which documents could be linked to each other.  If you wanted to cross reference, or link, a different document that Onware did not provide linking functionality for, you could not!


Need to link an RFI to a Progress Claim? You can! Want to cross reference a Meeting to a Submittal? Yes – it’s possible in Version 9!

Next Steps

We continue to work hard on completing the development of the remaining documents in Onware and communicate our progress with you.

Very soon we will be reaching out to each of our Customers to initiate an implementation plan to ensure a smooth transition.