Onware is introducing a new custom document template tool that is going to change the way printed versions of documents are delivered and viewed in the software. In version 9, we are launching a new tool that brings drag and drop to building document templates.

What is a Custom Document Template?

Onware can incorporate custom document templates that match the look of the printed version for any of the document types in Onware (i.e. Request for Information, Change Order, etc.).

If your Owner asks you to use their Change Order and Progress Claim formats for their project, you will be able to accomplish this and still take advantage of the tools in Onware. Or, you may want to have branding on the printed version of your documents that matches your firm’s unique identity.

Onware includes a “standard” template for each document type. Adding a custom document template to Onware changes the way a document would be displayed when you need to PDF or print it. As seen below, the same Change Order is viewed in the standard and a custom template.

Standard Template                                                                           Custom Template

Differences from Onware 8

Tired of waiting for a release to receive new or updated custom document template? With the new custom document template tool, most changes will be able to be completed in real time. This will significantly decrease the turnaround time for development, testing and adjustment.

Need a template that is slightly different for a special project? The new tool will allow for a quick “save as” and let you make adjustments to meet your special requirements.

In addition, when configuring your project, a different document template can be selected for each document type, rather than specifying a template for the entire project. This new functionality will provide more granularity and customization options for custom document templates on projects.

Integrated Document Preview

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The Document Viewer is the new way to preview documents in Onware 9. New features include the ability to export to several formats including: PDF, Excel, text, CSV or image.  You can even search a document for keywords, and print all from one screen!