You Asked; We Delivered

Over the years, Onware has modernized and grown. And you, our users, have always been a big part of that. Many great improvements have come from your suggestions. In this Onware Version 9 update, we want to share what was requested, and what new additions you can expect.

Colored Action Items

For years, Onware has been storing due dates for tons of documents. While due dates can be useful for reporting, we knew we could do much better. Now in Version 9, all Action Items for documents with “Required On” date fields will automatically change color when they’re past due.

As for New Action Items, we kept the asterisk (*) to call attention to new items that have not been selected, and have colored them blue to differentiate them from viewed action items.

Front and Center Project Summary

Another request we heard often was: “It would be nice to have the Project Summary front and center.” Having Project Summary information easily accessible is pivotal to managing a project. So why not display it more prominently? We did just that.

For those who have access to a Project Summary, it will now display in a default, collapsed view on your Home page once the project is selected. The summary is organized by document type, and summarized in aging days so you can see exactly what needs your attention.

Want to see the summary of all changes for your project? Simply select the Changes heading.

Want to see the full Project Summary? Click the “Expand All/Collapse All” link to expand the Project Summary data to your preferred view.

Copy User

Calling all Administrators: Do you have multiple consultants in the same company who need Onware accounts? Use the new Copy User button to create accounts faster than ever.

The Copy User functionality allows you to copy an existing user’s information into a new account. Once copied, the new user’s account will display, allowing you to personalize it – editing their name, email address, access to projects, e-mail subscriptions and more.

Custom Document Templates

Creating document templates has never been easier with Onware’s custom document template tool with easy drag and drop creation.

Click the image below to learn more about this tool and how it will revolutionize your project’s printed forms.

We Are Always Innovating

Keep the ideas coming; we are always listening! We strongly encourage feedback and suggestions on Onware improvements, and we’re always striving to provide better workflows, functionality, and efficiency for you and your projects.
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