Project Participant List

Project Participant information is now available to all roles in Onware! Simply select the green project link in the status bar to access the participant list.



Identified Issue: Unable to send a Submittal History to an Owner’s Project Manager role.

Identified Issue: If the same user is added to both the To: and CC: fields on a Submittal History, the Submittal e-mail fails to send.

Request for Information:

Identified Issue: Contract Administrators receive the Request for Information – Returned Alert.

Identified Issue: Waiting Response alerts are not cleared when the required discipline(s) respond to the Request for Information.


Identified Issue: Failed e-mails do not display reason for failure.

Identified Issue: The e-mail search page displays one email entry multiple times.


Identified Issue: Editing a Task generates an error.

Identified Issue: Selecting the ‘Mark Closed (prior to this Meeting)’ action generates an error.

Identified Issue: Selecting the ‘Delete (from all Meetings)’ action generates an error.

Identified Issue: Selecting the ‘Copy’ action generates an error.

Identified Issue: Selecting the ‘Close Item’ action closes the item prior to the current Meeting.

Identified Issue: An assignee can close an assigned Task.

Identified Issue: Users can create a type of Meeting that is access restricted.

E-mail Subscription

Identified Issue: E-mail subscription page generates an error if project has Request for Alternatives e-mail subscription added.

Change Order

Identified Issue: Using Sign-Off functionality on a project with Change Order Approval configured generates an error.

Change Order Standard Report

Identified Issue: The Contract Summary section does not display zero dollar values.


Identified Issue: Error generated when uploading a ZIP file.


Identified Issue: Daily Digest e-mails are generated for Inactive projects.

Identified Issue: Inactive users can be added to a project.

Progress Claim

Identified Issue: Tax amount auto calculated when Total Completed to Date value entered is incorrect.