Change Order

Identified Issue: The Document to Issue drop down field does not default to —Select an Option—.

Clarification Request

Identified Issue: Selecting the View/Print button when responding to a Clarification Request generates an error.

Consultant Recommendation

Identified Issue: A Consultant Recommendation that includes a Change Estimate cannot be Issued after it is reopened for editing.


Identified Issue:  Failed E-mail alerts are not generated for the Contract Administrator/Project Manager.

Identified Issue: Users must select a project after authenticating, when downloading links from an e-mail subscription.


Identified Issue: Selecting “Save as New Task” when editing a task duplicates the original tasks number.

Identified Issue: Tasks created using the “Save as New Task” button are deleted when the Meeting is saved.

Progress Claim E-mail Subscription

Identified Issue: The Progress Claim E-mail Subscription does not include Recommendations.


Identified Issue: The Stamp selector drop down field does not default to —Select an Option—.

Identified Issue: Each time a stamp is added to a document, the word “File” is added to the document title.


Identified Issue: If a Submittal is revised, the Original Submittals PDF may be included in the Submittal E-mail Subscription.

Submittal Standard Form

Identified Issue: Standard form does not include Address and Phone Number for To: and CC: sections.