Calling all Project Managers and Partners in Charge

If you are a Project Manager or Partner in Change on a project in Onware you can now receive the Project Summary via E-mail! For more information please see the Onware User’s Guide: 27.6 E-mail Notifications.

Need to save the Project Summary as a PDF?

Use the View/Print link on the homepage to view the project summary in the document viewer where you can export to PDF or other formats!

Do you work for multiple companies and need a separate Onware account for each company?

We have introduced the ability to have multiple accounts on one Onware client site, all using one centralized login.

If you have associated multiple Onware accounts with one login, you will be directed to a Select a User page when logging into Onware. This page will allow you to select which user account you would like to work with in the Onware session.

To switch accounts, you can select the switch user icon in the top right corner to return to the Select a User page to select a different account to work in.

For more information on associating multiple accounts with one centralized login, please contact the Onware Help Desk.

Contract Forecasting Now Available

Contract Forecasting documents how the Contract dollar value and number of workers on site changes over time.  Tableau reporting can be utilized to observe how the Contract Forecasting changes overtime.

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