Identified Issue: When a Change is copied, attachments are not included in the copy.

Change Directive

Identified Issue: An error is generated when requesting a re-quote on a Change Directive’s Quotation.

Change Order

Identified Issue: The Change Order Document to Issue is not a mandatory field.

Clarification Request

Identified Issue: Clarification requests can be directed to disciplines not currently on the project.

Consultant Recommendation

Identified Issue: If the Require Change Estimate setting is turned on, an initiated Consultant Recommendation cannot be deleted.

E-mail Subscription

Identified Issue: Consultant Recommendations linked using the linked documents section within a Change are not included in Change e-mail subscription.

File List

Identified Issue: When sending a file in the File List via Transmittal, the file is not added to the Transmittal.


Identified Issue: The primary address selection is not set when creating a user from within a Meeting.

Progress Claim

Identified Issue: A Progress Claim can be returned after recommendations have been provided.

Request for Information

Identified Issue: If a Contract Administrator initiates a Request for Information then leaves the page, they cannot edit the initiated Request for Information.

Identified Issue: If a user has an additional discipline selected in their account, the discipline may not display for selection when directing a RFI to Consultants.

Identified Issue: An RFI can be issued without a discipline selected.


Identified Issue: The Submittal standard report required by column displays the Required from Subcontractor date.

Identified Issue: The last action search criteria filter does not allow for multiple selections.

Identified Issue: If a Submittal History is marked as deleted, the Submittal last recipient information does not update accordingly.

Identified Issue: An error is generated when marking a Submittal History as deleted.

Identified Issue: An error is generated when deleting an initaited Submittal History.


Identified Issue: When adding a Submittal to a Transmittal, the Submittal PDF and attachments are not copied into the Transmittal.

The e-mail subject is not populated for Transmittal e-mails.

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