9.6.3 Enhancements

Submittals 2.0

We received a lot of great feedback on ways we could improve the Submittal process to make it more intuitive for all project participants. In Onware version 9.6.3, we completed a number of changes to Submittals based on this feedback, the Onware User’s Guide has been updated to reflect these changes.

  • The Send button in Submittals now displays Next Step (Send).
  • New Statuses: To increase the reporting capability of Submittals the following statuses have been implemented:

    Submitted – Submittals in the status of Submitted have been created and issued by a Subcontractor.


    Issued – Submittals in the status of Issued are waiting on the Consultant/Contractor Administrator for review.


    Returned – Submittals in the status of Returned have been returned to the General Contractor’s Project Manager. To move a Submittal to this status Contract Administrator’s can use the Issue and Mark Returned action button.

    Note: There are no restrictions on who a Submittal can be directed to, the statuses listed above are based on Onware’s suggested workflow.

  • Private Comments have been removed from the Submittal Feature.
  • The Now link has been removed from the “Return From Consultants Required” and “Required From Subcontractor” date fields.
  • Only dates in the future can be selected for the “Return From Consultants Required” and “Required From Subcontractor” date fields.
  • A setting for Default Consultant Required by Duration has been implemented for Submittals.

Submittal how-to videos are now available

Visit the Onware Youtube channel to watch the new Submittal how-to videos.

Things to Note:

Prior Submittals in the Open status have been updated to reflect the new statuses, as below:

  • Returned – When the Submittal was in the status of “Open” and the last History item action selected was “Issue and Mark Returned”, the Submittal has been categorized into the Return status.
  • Issued – When the Submittal was in the status of “Open” and the Submittal has at least one History item issued, the Submittal has been categorized into the Issued status.


Recommendations can now be Cancelled. When a Recommendation is cancelled it is unlinked from the related document. Once unlinked, a new Recommendation can be requested from the same discipline.

Change Request

The Change Request e-mail subscriptions now include the associated Change PDF and all documents in the Change e-mail subscription list.


The linked documents section now includes a list of documents that can be created from within that document. Eg. Change Directives and Field Orders can be created from within a Change.

Linked Documents

The linked document section now displays the date the link was created.

Standard Forms

Links and attachments on all Onware standard forms have been updated to the color blue.


All reports can now be viewed and PDF’d directly from all document search pages.

Click here for more information on what’s included in version 9.6.3.