Rich Text Editor typing boxes

Does the font of what you typed or copied into Onware not match the printed forms look and feel? You can now edit the font and size of your text within the text boxes using the font and size drop down fields found within the Rich Text Editor.

NOTE: If you are copying text from another program into Onware, Onware’s rich text editor will not display which is the font or size of the copied text, but will state “inherited font” – meaning it is inheriting the font style and size from that which was copied.


E-mail Subscription

The list of documents included in the Change E-mail Subscription now includes the linked Change Request PDF and its attachments.

Subcontractor documents

All Subcontractor documents are now found under their own Navigation menu, called Subcontractor.

CRX (Version 8) = Issue (Version 9.0) = Quotation Worksheet (Version 9.7.0)

We have renamed the feature “Issue” to “Quotation Worksheet” to better align with the industry wording and reduce the confusion of the feature “Issue” with a document’s status of “issued”

Submittal attachment version

When stamp or markup are added to an existing Submittal’s PDF attachment, a new version of the attachment is created to document the adjustment to the attachments history.  When the attachment is viewed, or is included within an E-mail, it displays the most recent version of the attachment.  There was no easy way to view previous versions of the attachments – until NOW!

In 9.7.0 the attachment link will display the version of the attachment at the time the Submittal History was issued.  Also, the attachment within the E-mail, and the ZIP file download, will also display the version of the attachment at the time the Submittal History was issued.
NOTE: Versioning can only be applied to attachments uploaded into Onware after the 9.7.0 release.

Consultant Recommendation

Onware will now display the “last issued on” date of a Consultant Recommendation, if applicable, in addition to its “issued on” date.

Change Request

Upon the Owner’s Project Manager approving a Change Request, Onware will now display an action item for the Contract Administrator.  This allows the Contract Administrator to subsequently close the Change Request.

Coupled with this new workflow step, we have also included Change Request, in the status of “Approved” to the Contract Administrator’s project summary.


If a Consultant has made an error on a Recommendation, a Contract Administrator now can return the Recommendation to the Consultant for amendment and re-issue, without the need to re-open the Recommendation.
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